WhiskyMetrics: Top 20 Whisky Blogs – November 2015

News: Top 20 Whisky Blogs – November 2015

I have to admit, this post was born out of a little market research on our own part investigating where The Whiskyphiles sat in the current whisky blogosphere. Using an independent metric (alexa rankings) over which we have little control – we have attempted to rank the most popular whisky blog sites based on traffic from you our dear readers. This list would have been a Top 10 (had we been in it :-D) but thankfully we have managed to easily make the top 20! So many, many thanks to all our dear readers and visitors! Slainte!

  1. The Whisky Exchange Blog
  2. Master of Malt Blog
  3. Whisky Advocate Blog
  4. The Whisky Wash
  5. The Whiskey Jug
  6. Whisky Fun
  7. Meleklerin Payi
  8. Whisky Intelligence
  9. Whisky Notes
  10. Scotch Whisky
  11. Great Drams
  12. Nonjatta
  13. Whisky Cast
  14. A Wardrobe of Whisky
  15. Dramming
  16. Whisky For Everyone
  17. Canadian Whisky
  18. All Things Whisky
  19. The Whiskyphiles
  20. Edinburgh Whisky Blog

If you think you should be in here or you want to know where you are feel free to get in touch – this may even become a regular feature as part of our WhiskyMetrics program 🙂

For our standard Blogs I follow #Whiskyfabric feature see here

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    • Hi Samuel, currently I have you ranked at 61st though the alexa data is sketchy – btw it is free to ‘claim’ your website via alexa which improves your visibility to them, presumably reducing the error in their estimates 😉


  1. Very interesting. However I don’t think Alexa measures subdomains, if you lookup it displays results for, which explains the high rank. Also, I know the public Alexa stats don’t match my Analytics data so there must be a significant margin.

    In the end I think this includes most of the major websites, but I wouldn’t count too much on the absolute ranking. Nice idea though!

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    • Hi Ruben, Many thanks for your comments and interest. I agree the method is not perfect but a reasonable indicator and less prone to bias than most Top Blog lists. Many of which appear mostly to be constructed around friends/bloggers that the list compiler knows personally and how well they know them/want to promote them. I was trying to remain completely impartial and rank order on an easily measurable metric – albeit an estimate at best.


    • Hi Mark, thanks for getting in touch – according to your rankings Malt-Review is placed 21st. I know the alexa rankings are not ideal but are relatively independent – as one commentator put it they are a little like TV viewing figures – an estimate at best.


  2. Hi there – I run a whiskey blog in the US called The Whiskey Wash ( Here are our Alexa analytics – – not sure where that fits us in, but here are our metrics from last month according to them:

    Daily Unique Visitors 2,029
    Daily Pageviews 3,312
    Monthly Unique Visitors 74,123
    Monthly Pageviews 134,858

    Feel free to drop me a line at if you have any questions – cheers!


  3. Hi Ruben, sadly as a Scientist my natural inclination is to measure and rank things accordingly – I don’t really buy into the modern phenomena of everyone is a winner mentality. Also by no means am I implying that No.1 is the best blog ever it is just the most popular as determined by amount of traffic (issue has already been raised with blogs on commercial sites like 1 & 2 as the estimate does not distinguish visitors purely to their blogs). I’d be interested to see how Whisky Fun has fared this year – with the ‘explosion’ in blogger numbers there may well be more competition for readers. Also there are big differences in hits vs unique visitors and how some metrics are estimated, Serge claims 6-8k “visits” in his overview. With a site famous for 10k+ reviews I wonder how many of these are unique – based on an assumption of say 1/3 total hits then the data looks solid to me.


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