News: Top 20 Whisky Blogs – November 2015

I have to admit, this post was born out of a little market research on our own part investigating where The Whiskyphiles sat in the current whisky blogosphere. Using an independent metric (alexa rankings) over which we have little control – we have attempted to rank the most popular whisky blog sites based on traffic from you our dear readers. This list would have been a Top 10 (had we been in it :-D) but thankfully we have managed to easily make the top 20! So many, many thanks to all our dear readers and visitors! Slainte!

  1. The Whisky Exchange Blog
  2. Master of Malt Blog
  3. Whisky Advocate Blog
  4. The Whisky Wash
  5. The Whiskey Jug
  6. Whisky Fun
  7. Meleklerin Payi
  8. Whisky Intelligence
  9. Whisky Notes
  10. Scotch Whisky
  11. Great Drams
  12. Nonjatta
  13. Whisky Cast
  14. A Wardrobe of Whisky
  15. Dramming
  16. Whisky For Everyone
  17. Canadian Whisky
  18. All Things Whisky
  19. The Whiskyphiles
  20. Edinburgh Whisky Blog

If you think you should be in here or you want to know where you are feel free to get in touch – this may even become a regular feature as part of our WhiskyMetrics program 🙂

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