Highland Park

Highland Park 28 Years Old 1984 Director’s Cut

Highland Park 28 Years Old 1984 Director’s Cut (48.5%, Douglas Laing, Cask #9968, 133 Bottles, 2013)

Single malt scotch whisky

48.5% ABV, £230 for 70cl

Score: 90/100


What they say:

At this point during our visit to the Douglas Laing & Co Ltd. HQ, Jan started to wrap things up and start moving onto a few older and peatier samples as time was pressing and he had a busy travel schedule the next day. Jan told us about the difficulties faced with marketing products and checking copyright for names and ranges. One case in point was the Directors Cut range, named for their more exclusive single malts – however in some markets this range was named Executive Decision, as the use of the term Director’s Cut is well-used within the film industry and associated companies.

Director’s Cut / Executive Decision:
Our specially selected old and rare aged Single Malt and Single Grain Scotch Whisky “straight from the cask”: bottled at natural cask strength, non chill-filtered and no colouring.

In late 2011 we released this new range of Single Cask Whiskies – Directors’ Cut as it is known in Europe and Executive Decision in Asia and North America.

Our loyal band of followers are an adventurous, as well as discerning group, so we are delighted that we have been able to introduce them to these fine Whiskies that they might not necessarily have uncovered for themselves.

Distilled at Highland Park distillery in December 1984 and bottled at cask strength in September 2013, at 28 years old just 133 bottles were produced.


What I say:

Umm… 28 year old Highland Park from the ultra-premium Director’s Cut range from Douglas Laing & Co Ltd. ? Why, yes please I could be tempted for a dram.


Rose amber gold


Floral and perfumed, strong heather blossom honey, brazil nuts, lavender cookies or  sugared shortbread, sweet fruity syrup


Incredibly smooth and creamy, tons of vanilla, fresh vanilla bean pods crushed into crème anglais, flowery and perfumed, lavender and violets, heather-scented breeze and spring daffodils, some light caramel and a little honey and barley malt


Medium/long, vanilla and lavender shortbread biscuits, wisps of heather peat smoke


Delicious, this Highland Park expression has been aged into submission and suddenly out pours bunches of fresh cut flowers and heather and also a huge dollop of vanilla cream on the palate, underneath is just a wisp of that heathery peat smoke HP is famous for.

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