SMWS 27.107 To the manor born

Springbank 16 Years Old 1998 27.107 To the manor born (56%, SMWS, Refill Sherry Gorda, 775 Bottles, 2014)

  • Campbeltown single malt scotch whisky
  • 56% ABV
  • Score: 88/100


What they say:

Thick, old fashioned vanilla ice cream, with tinned peaches, then a complex of polished leather (an antique desk, a sea chest, a worn leather chair, a vintage car), but also sherry trifle and creamy yoghurt, amber beads and rich fruit cake. Rich and sweet to taste, then tannic-dry with bitter chocolate and salt crystals; sandalwood. Water sweetens the nose to treacle toffee and sticky toffee pudding, hazelnut and almond praline – rich and complex. The taste is rich, sweet and very fruity; elegant, with dark chocolate and treacle, and Macademia nuts in the aftertaste.

Date Distilled:  31 May 1998   Colour:  Teak oil with scarlet lights Age:  16 years   Cask Type:  Refill gorda
Whisky Region: Campbeltown   Alc %:  56.0

Flavour Profile: Deep, rich and fruity

759 bottles

SMWS 27.107

What I say:

SMWS 27.107 To the manor born sample received as part of a bottle share organised by Ben from Ben’s Whisky Blog


Deep russet gold, strong, thick tears


Brandy, chocolate coated raisins, barbecued beef monster much (corn snacks), candied peel, Umami, seaweed, Nori, salty, earthy, sea spray


Sherry, tannic, sherry fizz, prunes, raisins, iron/copper, iodine, drying mouthfeel, walnut and brazil nuts, inside of a leather-bound journal


Long, drying, nutty, tannic leather


This Springbank expression bottled by the SMWS (SMWS distillery #27) was matured for 16 years in an ex-sherry Gorda (typically 700 litres unlike a Butt at 600 litres capacity). This has resulted in a huge sherry influence present in this Springbank expression, with the usual dirty, malty, engine oil-like spirit character really having to shout to make itself heard above the noise of the sherry. The result is pretty spectacular, if like me you enjoy a hefty dose of sherry influence!

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