Cambus 22 Years Old 1991 Cask Strength

Cambus 22 Years Old 1991 Signatory Cask Strength Collection 53.8%

  • Scottish single grain whisky
  • 53.8% ABV, £70.65 for 70cl
  • Score: 77/100


What they say:

A rare Cambus single grain Scotch whisky, which has been bottled by Signatory for their Cask Strength Collection. It was distilled in July 1991, 2 years before the distillery was closed, and bottled in October 2013. A limited release of 534 bottles.


What I say:

must… resist…

Cambus’s, you wait for ages then two come at once!


After our recent review of our first sherry matured grain whisky from Cambus during the Jolly Jaunt to Annandale distillery: Cambus 21 Years Old 1991 ~ 50.5% (Signatory) a couple of weeks later I find myself with another sherry matured grain whisky from Cambus. Another refill butt from Signatory but bottled this time at 22 years old on 22/11/2013. Interestingky this was also distilled on 24th June 1991 just a matter of weeks before Cambus distillery closed for good, so essentially this [Cask #55888] is a sister cask to the last one we tried [cask # 55886], begging the question wher is #55887 (perhaps a 23yo soon?). This was dram #2 at the Water of Life Society EWB Greatness of grain tasting.


Amber rose gold, medium/long tears


Vanilla, cream, custard, almonds and marzipan, pear drops (esters), leathery tannins, berry fruits


Sweet, smooth and spicy, rye, wheat, corn, golden syrup, oat flapjacks, nutmeg, marzipan, red berry fruits; strawberry, raspberry and a little bramble


Medium, drying, tannic, fruity and sweet


An interesting contrast to the 21yo Cambus, this has a lot less sherry fruit character and a little more almond nuttiness and vanillin, suggestive perhaps of a slightly less sherry-imbued refill butt in which equal measures of sherry and oak influence have had there say on the final whisky? A little smoother and more drinkable than the 21 year old, but more so than an extra years maturation would suggest.

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