Speyburn 15 Years Old

Speyburn 15 Years Old (46%, OB, 2017)


What they say:

Speyburn 15 Years Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky

A rich, vibrant, Speyside dram.

Fifteen years maturing in American oak and Spanish oak casks have allowed this bold whisky to embrace the rich, natural elements of Speyside.


Amber with gold highlights.


Hints of rich dark chocolate with spicy notes of raisins, zesty citrus fruits and vanilla.


On the palate there are notes of oranges, toffee, vanilla and leather, all wrapped together with a gentle spice. The long lasting finish has a warming spice which is sweet and creamy.

What I say:

Released September 2017, the first on a possible line of older age-statement whisky expressions from Inver House’s Speyburn distillery. Expect 18 and 21 year old to follow… Coincided with re-packaging of the 10 year old and Bradan Orach standard expressions (whose liquid remains the same inside the bottles).


Golden amber (11/20), large oily tears leave thick legs


Malt and citrus fruits, zesty orange peel, oranges, Terry’s Chocolate orange, malty cereal barley, dried fruits, sultana, vanilla and cinnamon, soft toffee or clotted cream fudge.


Malty and toffee initially, cinnamon spice and a more zesty lemon and lime citrus bite, lime and sea salt dark chocolate, mace, leathery tannins, tea, raisins and creamy vanilla fudge.


Medium-long, toffee and some powdered cinnamon spice linger


Creamy and peppered with woody spices this has a rich malty and toffee backbone and then balanced American (toffee, vanilla) and Spanish/sherry (tannin, leather and dried fruits) oak casks. More refined and greater depth and complexity than the Bradan Orach expression but with a similar base flavour profile.

Score: 84/100

Don’t take my word for it:

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