Balblair 23 Years Old 1990 Small Batch

Balblair 23 Years Old 1990 Small Batch (51.7%, Cadenheads, Bourbon Barrels, 318 Bottles, 2013)

51.7% ABV, £76.60

Score: 88/100


What they say:

The swing tags say bourbon barrels but after checking just one more time i am now assured that this malt is Sherrywood cask matured.

Nose: Dried oranges; peaches; vanilla pods and strawberry yoghourt. Ripe summer fruits and sunny highland meadow tones.
Palate: Mandarins; apricots; toffee and candied ginger.slide along the palate as a more soft fruit tone opens across the middle palate.
Watermelon; raisins; honeycomb and traditional lemonade give this dram that final flourish that leaves you wanting just a little more.

London Tasting Room Favourite!

Region: North Highland


What I say:

Dram # 3 from the Jolly Toper P/O/U/R/S tasting held on 11th September 2014


Full gold


Acetone/nail polish remover, Slightly peppery/tabasco?, heather honey, golden syrup, vanilla custard, crème brulee


Sweet golden syrup, toffee, butterscotch, fruity, mandarin, blackcurrant and apple, some spice/white pepper, with water (takes water very well); more of the vanilla and fruity flavours


Long sweet oaky wood

Would I buy it:

Tempted, this was an excellent expression from the Balblair distillery – I can understand the confusion regarding the cask-maturation. This did not strike me as particularly sherried though it was quite fruity.

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