The Girvan Grain Patent Still Tweet Tasting

The Girvan Grain Patent Still Tweet Tasting


On the 27th August the Girvan Grain Tweet Tasting finally got underway, originally scheduled for the 20th August (our 1st Birthday here at thewhiskyphiles.com). Organised and hosted by Steve Rush at The Whisky Wire (Twitter: @TheWhiskyWire) and The Girvan Patent Still (Twitter: @GirvanGrain) as well as William Grant & Sons Global Whisky Specialist Kevin Abrook (Twitter: @KevinAbrook). We were treated to a line-up of single grain whiskies ranging from New Make to 30 Years old


Ample 50ml sized sampler set, beautifully packaged and containing background postcards for each sample – to read after tasting of course!

IMG_0526 - Copy

As usual Steve led us through the tasting as we sampled the aromas and flavours of each whisky and bounced ideas around in the whisky Twitterverse. The full list of participants is included below, and to each I am grateful for their contributions to my own tasting notes and ideas:

@TheWhiskyWire @WhiskyDiscovery @DramblerJM @raithrover @TheWhiskyBoys @SWWIG @simon_m_field @MyWhiskyGuide @Alpacajo @kizzsmyth @mynameisgone @WhiskyWriter @NeilMacKinnon1 @MashtunandMeow @Smokiechops @Whisky_Belfast @scotslarder @rodbodtoo @msykesjones @MikeJack1976 @BeersIveKnown @TheWhiskyphiles @annawizauk

IMG_0527 - Copy

For details of each whisky check out the links below. The result was a fascinating journey from sampling bottling strength distilled single grain new make through to 30 year old single Grain whisky with all aged samples experiencing American White Oak maturation only:


The Girvan Patent Still New Make ~ 42.6% (William Grant & Sons Ltd.)


The Girvan Patent Still No.4 Apps ~ 42.6% (William Grant & Sons Ltd.)


The Girvan Patent Still 25 Years Old 2014 ~42.6% (William Grant & Sons Ltd.)


The Girvan Patent Still 30 Years Old 2014 ~42.6% (William Grant & Sons Ltd.)

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