Girvan New Make Spirit

The Girvan Patent Still New Make

  • Unaged single grain scotch
  • 42.6% ABV, Sample
  • Score: 64/100

What they say:

New make single grain spirit is taken from the still at 94% abv then reduced to the same bottling strength as the other expressions – 42.6%

We cannot call this Scotch whisky yet because it has not matured in oak for at least three years. But this fresh, fruity and vibrant fledgling spirit is the perfect starting point to show how the flavours develop over time, taking on the rich vanilla, honey and toffee notes from the American white oak, quercus alba. The result is a deliciously different progression of flavour.


What I say:

Sample #1 in the recent #GirvanGrain Tweet Tasting hosted by Steve @The WhiskyWire and William Grant & Sons Global Whisky Specialist Kevin Abrook @KevinAbrook




linseed oil/putty, sweet, savoury, some ketones/esters but very delicate and pleasant a hint of mint or wintergreen


Toffee caramel, stewed apple, toffee apple, toffee popcorn, apple & rhubarb crumble and custard

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