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Ardbeg Distillery

Region: Islay, Scotland. PA42 7EA

Founded: 1815

Status: Active

Owner: Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH)

Water source: Loch Uigeadail

Mash tun: Stainless steel semilauter

Washbacks: 6x Oregon Pine

Stills: 1 Wash, 1 Spirit

Capacity: 1.3 million litres per annum

Ardbeg Whisky Reviews

Ardbeg Auriverdes ~ 49.9% (Moet-Hennessy)

Ardbeg Alligator ~ 51.2% (Moet-Hennessy)

Ardbeg Blasda ~ 40% (Moet-Hennessy)

Ardbeg Bourbon Cask ~ Cask strength (single cask sample)

Ardbeg Corryvreckan ~ 57.1% (Moet-Hennessy)

Ardbeg Corryvreckan ~ 57.1% (Moet-Hennessy)

Ardbeg French Oak Cask ~ Cask strength (single cask sample)

Ardbeg Sherry Cask ~ Cask Strength (single cask sample)

Ardbeg Uigeadail 2012~ 54.2% (Moet-Hennessy)

Ardbeg Uigeadail ~ 54.2% (Moet-Hennessy)

Ardbeg 8 Years Old 2004 – 33.121 ‘Barbecued pork on rosemary skewers’ ~ 59.0% (SMWS)

Ardbeg 10 Years Old ~ 46% (Moet-Hennessy)

Ardbeg Galileo 12 Years Old 1999 ~ 49% (Moet-Hennessy)

Ardbeg 31 Years Old 1974 Cask 4989 ~ 50.7% (Moet-Hennessy)

Ardbeg 33 Years Old 1975 Cask 1376 ~ 52.3% (Moet-Hennessy)


The Ardbeg distillery has been producing whisky since 1798, and began commercial production in 1815.[3] Like most Scottish distilleries, for most of its history, its whisky was produced for use in blended whisky, rather than as a single malt. By 1886 the distillery produced 300,000 gallons of whisky per year, and employed 60 workers.[3] Production was halted in 1981, but resumed on a limited basis in 1989 and continued at a low level through late 1996, during the period when Ardbeg was owned by Hiram Walker.[citation needed] The distillery was bought and reopened by Glenmorangie plc (owned by the French company LVMH) with production resuming on June 25, 1997 and full production resuming in 1998. The distillery was reopened by Ed Dodson in 1997 and handed over to Stuart Thomson, who managed it from 1997 to 2006. Michael “Mickey” Heads, an Islay native and former manager at Jura who had worked at Ardbeg years earlier, took over on 12 March 2007.

The name is derived from the Scottish Gaelic: Àrd Beag, meaning Small Headland.




Our visit: 25th April 2014


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