Ardbeg Sherry Cask

Ardbeg Sherry Cask

~ 52-54% ABV / ~10-12 Years Old

Score: 89/100


What they say:

The 3rd of our single cask samples from the Ardbeg Distillery was matured in a sherry cask.

What I say:

Oogy oogy oogy – oy oy oy

One word – Uigeadail


Pure ruby red


Old bicycle tyres, dusty, earthen, peaty smoke, strawberry ice cream, tangerine skin, figs, caramelised sugar, marmite/malt, jammy red fruits


Jammy red fruits, slight cinnamon spice (firball gobstoppers) and chilli heat before peaty chewy smoky bacon, meaty, nutmeg and marzipan


Long, old campfires made out of leather sofa’s


Loved this one but overall was a little too ashen and peaty which overpowered the sherry – presumably this is ironed out of the single casks when vatting for production of the Uigeadail expression.

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