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Strathmill 22 Years Old 1991 Berrys’


Strathmill 22 Years Old 1991 Berrys’ whisky review: Showing its age with subtle signs of overipe and bordering on tropical fruit influences and also that trace of Highland/Speyside peat that seems to have dropped out of use/favour over the next couple of decades at least apart from now novelty “peat weeks” of distilling before the silent season and necessary equipment cleaning. 85/100

Arran 16 Years Old 1997 Berrys’

A very interesting dram all the same but I have been finding any Marsala cask finish whisky slightly unsavoury. Strange because I think my issue is the slightly savoury nature it imparts – it pretends to be umami and meaty but ends up like olives or nut loaf (it just isnae meat). There was a huge complexity to this dram and it really took me to the fairground with the diesel engined rides and candy floss and popcorn stalls overwhelming my nose. On tasting though, I felt like I fell out of the fairground and into the sea and came out with a green olive in my popcorn and seaweed on my toffee apple… Redeems itself on the finish but by then the damage was done. My instinctual score was a 75 but I later switched to 80 as it grew on me and I anticipated the initially unexpected. You’ll either love it or no. 75/100