Glenlossie 20 Years Old 1992 Single Cask (Berry Bros & Rudd)


Glenlossie 20 Years Old 1992 [Cask 3464] ~ 46% (Berry Bros. & Rudd)

46% ABV, £68-£72

Score: 88/100

What they say:

1992 Berrys’ Own Selection Glenlossie, Speyside, Single Malt Whisky

1992 Glenlossie BBR Label

Glenlossie, founded in 1876 by John Duff, lies just to the south of Elgin. The distillery was partially rebuilt following a fire in 1929 and was later expanded to 6 stills from 4. Mannochmore distillery was erected nearby in 1971 to act as a backup during times of high demand.

The nose gives an impression of dusty jute sacks in a spice warehouse. There is a fruity honeyed depth adding weight. The palate is playful with a creamy texture as the fruit and some walnut notes intermingle. Spice seems to have the last say and the finish has a gentle lingering quality. Glenlossie Distillery, Speyside

Glenlossie 1992 BBR DBTD

What I say:

Purchased a sample from Drinks By The Dram for £5.83 as I had yet to try anything from the Glenlossie Distillery. Not long after however I happened to try Cadenhead’s Authentic Collection Glenlossie-Glenlivet 20 year old, 1993 at one of the Jolly Toper Tastings (read all about it here). I was perhaps a little underwhelmed by the Cadenhead’s bottling so thought I would give Glenlossie another crack of the whip and sample this one from BBR anyway.


Refractive light gold


Pineapple, lemon citrus, cereal wheat, dry hay, fresh green apples, light and sweet golden syrup, faint vegetal and grassy aromas


Smooth juicy fruit, freshly pressed green apple juice, tropical mangoes, pineapple cube sweets, slightly citric almost to the point of acidity, this dram develops in the glass becoming more mellow,  sweet and sour with age


Heart warming, long, sweet syrup and honey (almost cloying but stops just short of this), fruit abounds with a mouth coating oiliness

Would I buy it again:

My one word summary for this dram was ‘Excellent’. Monty Burns impressions aside – this is a really complex dram that evolves in the glass and reveals its multifaceted nature of sweetness and fruit with a hint of tropicality thrown in for good measure. I really enjoyed drinking this, perhaps not enough to extend to the price tag, so perhaps find a rich friend to buy this for you and then be good to them, lots!

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