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Islay Mist 8 Year Old Amontillado Napoleon Finish (43%, Macduff International, 7000 bottles, 2017)


Islay Mist 8 Year Old Amontillado Napoleon Finish Whisky Review: While there are some full flavoured malts in here – and I suspect a very good helping of Caol Ila in particular there was also something drawing the palate back to neutrality that could be nothing other than grain spirit. I completely missed that the sweetness here was due to the Amontillado sherry cask finish and just assumed it was a well-constructed blend. 82/100

Hakushu 12 Years Old (43%, OB, 2018)


Hakushu 12 Years Old Whisky Review: Definitely the green/woody expression I remember but with perhaps a much more noticeable smoke element, minerality and sharper resolution of herbal notes – but perhaps this is just the benefit of a much more educated palate from me now. Since it is unobtainable price-wise perhaps I do appreciate this expression much more than when it was rather freely available. 84/100

The Dalmore 12 Years Old Sherry Cask Select (43%, OB, 2020)

The Dalmore Sherry Cask Select 12 YO

Dalmore 12 Years Old Sherry Cask Select Whisky Review: A classic Dalmore, from memory this does have some deeper nut/fruit/chocolate flavours in here than the standard Dalmore 12 Years Old – though it has been some time since I last tried the standard expression. I’d be interested to see at what price this retails at, though Dalmore fans will likely buy it regardless. 84/100