Distillery is located in Nantou County. There’re 41 mountains with picks over 3,000 meters high and mountainous undulating topography covers about 83% of the area. Rain that fall on the mountains converges into rivers, ponds and lakes, among which the famous Sun-Moon lake lies. In this landscape of crystal clear lakes and green mountains, Nantou Distillery operates. TTL built Nantou Winery to make wine, brandy, rum and various fruit wine in 1978. There are craft men with fully experience. In order to reach excellence, selected craft man went to Scotland to study for making, distilling and maturing technology. After that, TTL established the distillery to make local whisky.

Big earthquake hit central Taiwan in 1999, result in fire disaster in Nantou winery. The blaze light on the darkness in Nantou, and turned on huge loss for the winery. However, the restoration was conducted in short time to keep running the production of liquor, create a new page of whisky industry in Taiwan.

The Whiskyphiles tasting notes

Official bottling
Independent bottling
that boutique-y whisky company
  • nantou-that-boutiquey-whisky-company-whisky Nantou 4 Years Old Batch 1 - Lovely fruity aroma and also on the palate but much too spiced for my liking, quite sharp/prickly. 78/100