• Founded: 2017
  • Status: Operational
  • Region: Highlands, Scotland – Drimnin, By Lochaline, PA80 5XZ +44(0)1967 421698
  • Online:

History Ncnean is an independent, organic whisky distillery on the west coast of Scotland. Ncnean began distilling in March 2017 and from inception has strived to do things differently. In pursuit of new flavours in Scotch Ncnean uses longer mashing times, slower fermentation and experiments with unusual yeasts not commonly used within whisky distilling. Ncnean matures its whisky on site in temperature controlled warehouses in ex-bourbon and STR casks. The Ncnean ethos of sustainable production is embedded in everything it does. It is Scotland’s first 100% organic whisky distillery and uses only renewable sources for its energy. The leftover grain feeds the cows on the farm and the waste products are spread on the fields as fertiliser. Nothing is wasted.

The Whiskyphiles tasting note

Official Bottling
  • Nc'nean Whisky Cut Out Box Nc’nean Organic Batch 1 (2020) - Another vanillic sweet and fruity malt, this feels quite a bit younger and fresher, still some zest and spice present from the distillate. Some deeper notes and a beery/yeasty aroma to it once it had breathed - possibly some influence from the cask maturation. 82/100
  • nc-nean-quiet-rebels-annabel-whisky Nc’nean Quiet Rebels Annabel (2023) - Fairly well structured, displays some youthful spirit as you would expect for 3-4 year old whisky. There was more than a hint of cardboard I associate with STR casks added to the woody element here. This has clearly been well put together from the cask selection to final product. I'd be interested to see how Nc'nean improves with age. 83/100