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Cardhu Gold Reserve House Targaryen


House Targaryen Cardhu Gold Reserve whisky review: It has been some time since I last tried Cardhu’s Gold Reserve and I can’t help but feeling it has either improved slightly or my ability to appreciate it has grown. Billed as very approachable, it is hard to argue with that, although this one seems a little spicier in the tail. Good solid stuff and perhaps more than a little of Diageo’s well-meaning intentions branding Cardhu against one of the major protagonist houses. Daenerys seems to have gone from villain to hero and back again during the story and we are yet to find out if she will be triumphant in the end. My feelings for Cardhu have never been that strong, but dependable is my best assertation. 74/100

Cardhu Distillery Only 2016


Interesting, quite a heavy spirit character which actually does Cardhu proud, I suspect this is young and probably matured in refill ex-bourbon casks which haven’t overpowered this typically light and fruity spirit? I found myself enjoying this a lt more than the more standard offerings from Cardhu. 85/100