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Coquerel Marquis de la Pomme 20 Years Old

Domaine du Coquerel Calvados Marquis de la Pomme 20 ans Review: Rancio indeed! Slightly challenging with almost floral jasmine, sandalwood and eucalyptus. Rather than being balanced in totality this expression seemed to burst with fruit initially then switch to rather dark and tannic woody flavours. For me a touch more wood was present than fruit perhaps 85/100

Coquerel XO Calvados


Calvados Coquerel XO Review: A wonderful well-rounded example that displays a perfect balance between the fruity apple and tannic oak wood influences, the age displays throughout with hints of pure or essential oils like orange and eucalyptus, delivered quite crystalline or clarified on the palate. 87/100

Lemorton 1980 Vintage


Lemorton 1980 Millésimé Vieux Calvados Domfrontais Review: Perfection! The most complete Calvados I have sampled, beautifully balanced between fruit and oak. It is almost impossible to believe that after 36 years in oak this expression is redolent with the aroma and flavours of fruit ripening in an orchard! 95/100