Rebel 10 Years Old Single Barrel Bourbon

1. What they say

Aged in charred oak barrels for 10 years, this bourbon boasts a unique flavor profile specific to each batch. It’s one-of-a-kind, just like the rebels who drink it.

2. Official tasting notes

  • Hints of caramel and citrus on your first sips. But continue drinking and it morphs into a velvety oak flavor with unabashed spice.

3. Details

  • ABV 50%
  • Age 10 Years Old
  • Bottler OB
  • Bottling Single Barrel
  • Cask Virgin American Oak
  • Category Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
  • Cost £70
  • Origin Lux Row Distillers
  • Region USA
  • Released 2017

4. What I say

Sampled as part of the #RebelBourbon Flash Blog on 12th October 2022 organised by Steve @TheWhiskyWire. This Bourbon from Lux Row distillers Rebel Yell stable is aged for a minimum of 10 years in charred American oak.

5. The Whiskyphiles tasting notes

  • Colour Full gold (10/20), slow, medium tears and legs.
  • Nose Sweet and fruity on the nose, plenty of acetone, cherry bakewell tarts spring to mind with the classic mixture of cherry, almond and cereals, further wood spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg highlight the age and wood influence here, peanut brittle and baked apple pie also accompany the sweetness.
  • Taste Medium-light bodied, sweet and oaky with plenty of spirity impact at 50% ABV, soft brown sugar, toffee and caramel all feature initially, fruit takes a back seat compared to the nose but baked apples and some cherry return, wood spices prominent again, coal dust/wood char, clove and cinnamon.
  • Finish Long, less sweet here more vaporous clove oil, chewy oak wood and hints of cracked black pepper linger.

6. Overall

At 10 years old and 50% ABV / 100 proof this is a robust Bourbon offering from Rebel, sweet and cereal spirit from the Wheated mashbill is infused with plenty of wood influences, produced in batches which may vary but will retain this essential nature I suspect.

7. Score 84/100

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