Chateau de Lacquy VSOP

What they say

The Armagnacs from Château de Lacquy are widely recognised for their elegance, their finesse, their roundness, their lingering finish and their superb aromatic complexity. Armagnacs from Château de Lacquy are highly feminine, devoid of aggressivity and beautifully balanced. They develop infinite aromas of fresh fruit, candied fruit, spice, tobacco, cocoa, vanilla, walnut, cream, toasted brioche and other notes. Each year, each blend differs from previous years and gives unique complexity. You discover, explore and learn … responsibly…

Because Château de Lacquy adds no additives to its Armagnacs, each vintage can vary from one year to the next. We thus decided to create blends of several years to create a range of constant quality. A well-blended Armagnac enables us to ensure consistent taste and continuous quality over time, while expressing all the qualities of the Lacquy terroir.

The blends from Château de Lacquy (3 years old, 7 years old, 12 years old, 17 years old, 21 years old, 30 years old) are made from Armagnacs from 5 different years and from different varietals selected for their specific qualities, (aromas, long finish, colour and others) and blended together in a 4000-litre oak cask. They are stirred and aerated, then put back into 420-liter seasoned barrels for a few months. With the exception of the 30-year which is straight from the barrel, these blends are very gradually and very slightly reduced in the cask by adding les petites eaux (9% max, to go gently down from 48° to 43° for the 3-year and the 7-year) then by aeration. The age on the bottle is the age of the youngest component in the blend.

Official tasting notes

  • Clear amber colour with gold reflections, bright and clear. The nose is elegant with aromas of white fruits like pear compote with some spices. The palate is fresh, with a nice balance and freshness. The roundness of the eau-de-vie is long on the palate. The finish on fruit is incredibly long.

What I say

A Bas-Armagnac from Château de Lacquy. This their VSOP expression is aged for a minimum of 7 years and produced from a blend of blend of 35% Baco, 35% Colombard, 15% Folle Blanche and 15% Ugni Blanc grape varietals.

  • ABV 40.5%
  • Age VSOP (7 years minimum)
  • Bottler Château de Lacquy
  • Bottling VSOP
  • Cask French Oak
  • Category Bas-Armagnac
  • Cost £50.45 from MoM (affiliate link)
  • Origin Château de Lacquy
  • Outturn undisclosed
  • Region France
  • Released undisclosed
  • Vintage undisclosed

My tasting notes

  • Appearance Golden brown (13/20), quick, medium tears and tapered legs.
  • Nose Sweet, fruity, grape, pear, toasted almonds, marzipan, nutty, woody oak, chocolate, neutral with some faint solvent/acetone.
  • Taste Again quite neutral on the palate, creamy, fruity, pear and grape with hints of Kirsch and cherry, almond paste, some copper hints, medium-full bodied.
  • Finish Long, woody, tannic and drying, chocolate and black pepper.
  • Overall Quite neutral despite its obvious fruity nature the sweetness has been tempered by plenty of wood talking here and saying good things. I really enjoyed this one.

Score 85/100

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