Mackmyra Bjorksav

What they say

Mackmyra Björksav (birch sap) is a Swedish single malt whisky inspired by the long-awaited return of spring. By including casks that were seasoned with Swedish birch sap wine, we have created a floral whisky with a fresh spiciness and sweet notes of vanilla fudge. Björksav is a collaboration with our friends at Grythyttan wine.

In this year’s spring edition, Mackmyra has once again collaborated with the Swedish artisan winery Grythyttan Vin. Grythyttan Björk is made from local birch sap that is tapped just before the birch ‘cracks’ in the spring. Like Mackmyra, Grythyttan use exceptional crafting skills, show consideration and respect for nature and only use natural ingredients.

The fresh, delicately sweet, Björk (Birch Sap) wine has resulted in a uniquely crafted Swedish whisky that is ready to join the world of whisky.

Official tasting notes

  • Nose: Floral and fruity with a light spiciness, vanilla fudge, sandalwood, cedar and toasted bread. Floral and slightly waxy notes of birch sap wine. Round and fruity notes of cherry, raisins, apple, pear and lemon.
  • Taste: A fresh and fruity spiciness with light minerals and herbs together with vanilla fudge, raisins, apple, ripe pears and lemon. Light spices of vanilla, toasted oak, floral honey, sandalwood, cedar, anise, white pepper and ginger. Round oak and vanilla spices together with a slightly oily texture.
  • Aftertaste: Light, spicy notes in harmony with toasted oak and dried fruits.

What I say

I’m quite a fan of Mackmyra’s output and especially their very Swedish special editions. Unfettered by SWA rules Mackmyra really like to stamp their individuality on their products. I recently got the chance to sample through several of their range, including some revisits, which I naturally jumped at.

  • ABV 46.1%
  • Age NAS
  • Bottler Mackmyra (Official)
  • Bottling Bjorksav
  • Cask Mixed
  • Category Single malt Swedish whisky
  • Cost £64
  • Origin Mackmyra Distillery
  • Outturn n/a
  • Region Sweden
  • Released 2021
  • Vintage undisclosed

My tasting notes

  • Appearance Dark amber gold (12/20), medium-fine tears and legs.
  • Nose Sweet, bubblegum balls, sweet and slightly medicinal, ‘strawberry-flavoured’ estery, pear drops, maple syrup, vanilla, bitter?
  • Taste Medium bodied, quite oily, cinnamon and bubblegum, with more savoury and woody notes, vanilla, juicy fruits, apple, pear, maple syrup, honey, biscuity malt, ginger and almonds.
  • Finish Long, high sweet note, estery, creamy and spicy.
  • Overall Very sweet and with plenty of range and intensity of flavours. Perhaps a little too sweet for my palate?

Score 82/100

Don’t take my word for it:

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