Ardmore 9 Years Old 2008 Mossburn No. 6

Ardmore 9 Years Old 2008 Mossburn No. 6

What they say:

  • Built by Teacher’s in 1898 and has remained a part of that Blended Whisky ever since
  • The site had barley, peat and water and was on the railway
  • Its importance to this million case brand has meant that it has never had a presence as a Single Malt
  • An unusual Highland these days made from peated barley fermented in wooden washbacks
  • This Mossburn bottling was aged in Islay ASB

Tasting note:

  • Woodsmoke elements and hints of vanilla and apple on the nose
  • More smoke and sweeter touches evident in the flavour with a light hint of cloves and woody cinnamon on the finish

What I say

Moving into the Highland region with a classically Peat-smoke influenced Ardmore with a difference as this has been matured in an ex-Islay ASB (American Standard Barrel)

  • ABV 46%
  • Age 9 Years Old
  • Bottler Mossburn
  • Bottling Vintage Casks No. 6
  • Cask Ex-Islay ASB
  • Category Single Malt Whisky
  • Cost £55
  • Origin Ardmore Distillery
  • Outturn n/a
  • Region Highland
  • Released 2018
  • Vintage 2008

My tasting notes:

  • Appearance Manzanilla (2/20), medium-large, oily tears and medium legs.
  • Nose Smoked, soft woodsmoke, citrus lemon, floral blossom, apple, vanilla, touch of medicinal/phenolic peat, sweet phenols, germolene and band-aid plasters
  • Taste Neutral at first, thick barley malt, gentle woodsmoke, smoking sawdust or wood chips, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg, earthy, coffee.
  • Finish Medium-long, sweet, caramel, fudge, woodsmoke and hints of salt/coastal influences.
  • Overall An eclectic mix of soft Highland heather brush smoke or beech wood smoke which transitions into diluted Islay peat smoke and coastal influences.

Score 84/100

Don’t take my word for it:

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