Comte Louis de Lauriston Hors d’Age Calvados Domfrontais

Comte Louis de Lauriston Hors d’Age Calvados Domfrontais (42%, OB, 2019)

  • ABV: 42%
  • Age: 6+ Years Old
  • Bottling: OB
  • Category: Calvados Domfrontais
  • Cost: €60
  • Origin: Calvados Comte Louis de Lauriston
  • Vintage: Undeclared


What they say

Guide des Vins 2010 – Oenologues de France
“Light color with copper and slightly gray reflections. Powerful nose of apple pips, leather, orange blossom and barley sugar. Mouth embellished with blond tobacco and peach compote and apples “.

Guide des Vins Gilbert et Gaillard – Edition 2010
“85/100 – Rather golden color. Very ripe fruity nose, spicy touch in the background. Beautiful material on the palate, a full Calvados, with an aerial attack followed by a more full-bodied finish with spicy notes “.

Le Guide des Gourmets 2004 – Elisabeth de Meurville
“We particularly appreciate the Calvados Domfrontais Hors d’Age, with a woody nose with nuances of fresh white flowers. Do not hesitate either”.

What I say

Purchased from Comte Louis de Lauriston. The small warehouse and shop are located on the road out of Domfront which I have passed by many times. The warehouse acts as a local co-operative for nearby farm producers who can ferment and distill using mobile column stills and then sell distillate to the cellars to allow the cellar masters to determine how to mature and blend or bottle this fabulous array of Calvados Domfrontais. The cellars currently have a liquid treasure trove stretching back to their inception in 1962, including millesimes or vintages from each year. Comte Louis de Lauriston joined with The House of Drouin (Calvados Christian Drouin) in 1992 and the third generation of the Drouin family Guillame Drouin became the chairman of the cellars in 2008.

This is their Hors d’Age expression made from blended Calvados Domfrontais aged for a minimum of 6 years in oak.

My tasting notes:

  • Appearance: Dark autumn gold (15/20), medium tears, long, strong legs.
  • Nose: Dusty, fruity, cocoa powder, baked apples, pear tart, caramelised apple granny, rancio, tobacco leaf.
  • Taste: Finer and thinner bodied than the VSOP, well integrated spirit and cask, a touch of tannin and spice, baked apples and pears, cinnamon, pepper and cocoa powder.
  • Finish: Long, drying, dark chocolate, woody with a touch of allspice.


A lighter and finer expression on the palate also a touch spicier and with distinct chocolate notes.

Score 86/100

Don’t take my word for it:

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