Glen Scotia Festival Edition No.3

Glen Scotia 17 Years Old 2000 Festival Edition No.3 (55.7%, OB, Cask #386, 147 Bottles, 2018)

  • ABV: 55.7%
  • Age: 17 Years Old
  • Bottling: OB
  • Category: Campbeltown single malt scotch whisky
  • Cost: £150
  • Origin: Glen Scotia distillery
  • Vintage: 2000


What they say

Single Cask Festival Edition No.3. Chosen in partnership with Charles Maclean for the 2018 Campbeltown Whisky Festival.

  • Distillation date: July 2000
  • Bottling date: April 2018
  • Cask # 386
  • 1 of 147 bottles
  • 55.7% ABV

Official tasting notes:

  • Maritime notes on a buttery vanilla sponge base with a hint of apricot. Some dry peat becoming lightly sweet and fruity, finishing on salt with a chilli-spice in the finish.

What I say

I actually won this bottle via Glen Scotia Malts Facebook competition to caption one of the photos taken during Charles Maclean visit to the distillery. Most of this bottle I shared freely amongst fellow whiskyphiles & friends, keeping only a little for myself to review.

My tasting notes:

  • Appearance: Sauternes gold (8/20), medium tears with finer legs.
  • Nose: Drier, dustier and woody but still that sweet and peat and slighty briny toffee or thick malt, vanilla sponge cakes, slightly over egged and thick custard also, massively sweetened latte coffee – with much more milk, cream & honey than coffee.
  • Taste: Medium-bodied, thick and creamy vanilla custard, a touch of fizzy rosy apples and real red apple fruits, some sherbet, raspberry and more acidic cranberry, thick with honey, syrup, toffee and salt caramel the whole time, some old oak sawdust and a little dunnage warehouse too plus plenty of peppery wood spice and grated nutmeg.
  • Finish: Long, sweet chilli sauce, honey and chilli toffee oak wood and a hint of roasted coffee beans again.


A very nice single cask expression Glen Scotia. There is a little fruity acidity and sherbety fizz but combined with the salt, spice and peat and also a slightly dusty old wood element this to me comes across more as slightly less active cask that has let the distillate shine through – rather than something overtly youthful tasting at 17 years old. This isn’t all citrus and ex-bourbon vanilla, but has a sharpness to it that cuts across the palate like salt and chilli.

Score 88/100

Don’t take my word for it:

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