Glengoyne Teapot Dram Batch 6

Glengoyne Teapot Dram Batch 6 (59.3%, OB, 2772 Bottles, 2018)

  • Category: Highland single malt Scotch Whisky
  • Origin: Glengoyne distillery
  • Bottling: Ian Macleod, OB
  • ABV: 59.3%
  • Cost: £90

Glengoyne Teapot Dram Batch No. 006

What they say

The sixth release in the coveted Teapot Dram series, Batch No. 006 is matured in first fill Oloroso sherry oak casks and has a natural, rich amber hue and notes of cinnamon, marzipan and cloves. Bottled un-chillfiltered at cask strength, 2772 bottles of Teapot Dram Batch No. 006 are available to purchase exclusively from the Glengoyne Distillery shop and online at

The Teapot Dram series has been created in tribute to an old Glengoyne Distillery tradition: until the 1970s, workers would be given three fingers of whisky, three times each day. Most distilleries gave their teams new make spirit, but not Glengoyne. At Glengoyne, the finest whisky from first fill Oloroso sherry casks was chosen for the distillery workers’ drams. The less seasoned stillmen would, to save face, discreetly pour some of their untouched drams into a copper teapot which sat on the canteen windowsill, ready for their older colleagues.

Teapot Dram Batch No. 006 was launched last night at Glengoyne Distillery by Duncan McNicoll and Billy Edmiston, two of Glengoyne Distillery’s original ‘teapot drammers’.

Official tasting notes:

  • Appearance Dark mahogany.
  • Nose Fresh pineapple, digestive biscuits, rosehip, sherbet, rose petals
  • Taste Sweet treacle, cinnamon, marzipan, cloves, mouth-coating
  • Finish Long, sweetness, oak, developing black peppercorn as it goes.

What I say

Last Wednesday (21st November 2018) Tom (from Toms Whisky Reviews) and I set off for Glengoyne distillery on the edge of the Campsie Fells just north of Glasgow.

Arriving a little before 4pm just in time for the Wee Tasting Tour with our guide Elisabeth (Glengoyne’s Nordic Ambassador). Starting with a sample of Glengoyne’s 12 Year Old sipped whilst watching the introductory film. We were led around the compact distillery, getting chance to indulge ourselves in the finer points of production and concluding with a wee dram of Glengoyne 18 year old in the shop. This was all pre-amble before the main event however, which was that evenings live (Via Facebook) launch of the Glengoyne Teapot Dram Batch 6.

Repairing to the Visitor centre after our tour we were greeted with Glengoyne’s typical hopsitality and well looked after with hot tea and shortbread, plus the bonus of chatting to another couple of early arrivals for the evening’s event, Duncan McNicoll and Billy Edmiston. With over 80 years of experience between them the Stillman and Engineer respectively kept us well-entertained with stories of the distillery. In particular Billy’s story about the distillery shop being setup in the old Warehouse No.1 – too small to get a forklift in it, all warehousing was done by hand in here – the sole remaining warehouse after a flood washed away the others. The result led to new warehousing being established famously ‘over the road’ – often joked as being on the Lowland side of the Highland line!

After brief introductions and also a chance to chat with more of the Glengoyne family including Distillery Manager Robbie Hughes, we moved down to the new Warehouse No.1 in the old boilerhouse and kiln (allowing a rare glimpse from underneath of one of the famous Charles Doig Pagoda roofs – something I have only previously experienced at Annandale distillery), we joined in with the launch of Glengoyne’s cult Sherry-Bomb – The Teapot Dram Batch 6.

My tasting notes:

  • Appearance: Autumnal auburn (13/20), quick, medium-large tears leave medium-fine legs.
  • Nose: Dried fruits; raisin, fig, dates but also fresh greengages, apple and pineapple, cocoa-dusted cherries, green oak wood and toffee.
  • Taste: Fruity, cherry lips sweeties, cranberry, blackcurrant, cherry, raisin, acacia honey, demerara sugar, chocolate-coated toffee, red apples, soft cinnamon spice and green oak wood.
  • Finish: Long, sweet dried fruits and freshly-sawn oak timber or pencil shavings.


Another fantastic Sherry Bomb, during the tasting we sampled this alongside Glengoyne 21 Year Old expression which really highlighted the new oak wood and fresh fruit character of the Teapot Dram. Youthfull and exuberant but with masses of sherry-influenced flavour and characteristic Glengoyne fruity spirit. Many at the tasting were convinced that this 6th edition was as good as the 1st if not better.

Score 91/100

Don’t take my word for it:

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