Grant’s Triple Wood Smoky

Grant’s Triple Wood Smoky (40%, OB, 2018)


What they say

Our Master Blender, Brian Kinsman, chooses grain and malt whiskies matured in three distinct woods, similar to our Triple Wood blend. For this expression he ups the addition of peated whiskies for a smooth and fruity taste with subtle smokiness.

Official tasting notes:

  • NOSE A distinct smoky aroma with subtle notes of fruit, malted oats and toasted almonds
  • TASTE The initial smokiness is soon succeeded with a soft, sweet fruitiness and a hint of citrus
  • FINISH Finish the smoke returns with a velvety smoothness and a touch of dry tannin

What I say

Sampled during the #GrantsWhisky tweet tasting held on 12th September 2018 with Grant’s Whisky and @TheWhiskyWire

My tasting notes:

  • Appearance: Amber gold (10/20),
  • Nose: Treacle toffee and liqourice, parkin, dry charcoal crackers, salted almonds, hints of coal-tar soap, apple, pear and cereal barley malt.
  • Taste: Buttery, malt extract, toffee, tamer than the nose, melon, apple, pear, vanilla, the smoke takes a little time to develop, light treacle, salted smoked almonds, black pepper and clove.
  • Finish: Medium-long, syrupy sweet with pepper and liqourice.


A delightful little blend that opens on the nose with a definite peat and smoke. I’m sure this will frighten a few people off who claim not to like smokey whisky, but the palate in contrast is just full of fruit and dark sugars, the smoke doesn’t really appear until much later. I’m definitely going to use this one in blind tastings as it really plays with the perceptions. Really rather fun!

Score 80/100

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