Bruichladdich 1984 / 32

Bruichladdich 32 Years Old 1984 Rare Cask Series Bourbon: All In (43.7%, OB, 3000 Bottles, 2017)

  • Category: Islay single malt scotch whisky
  • Origin: Bruichladdich distillery
  • Bottling: Bruichladdich, OB, Rare Cask Series
  • ABV: 43.7%
  • Cost: £725


What they say

In 2008, our then master distiller Jim McEwan identified a classic vintage parcel of that celebrated style and re-casked it into fresh bourbon for the last leg of an epic journey. This dram comes from the very last 12 casks of the 1984 legacy distillation, poignantly filled on 31st December of that year…

“These rare, old single malt whiskies are a direct link to our past, to the men who made truly special spirit here while facing very different circumstances to those which we enjoy today. Testament to their skill and hard work it was laid down to mature by the shores of Loch Indaal, unaware of what the future might bring.

“Three generations of distillers have watched over it, each of us helping to shape the final concept. It has been my privilege to decide that the treasures we have nurtured are now ready to be brought to the world.

“These whiskies when tasted leave me speechless. They are in their prime, the last of their kind and can never be repeated, never recreated. Nothing quite like them will ever be seen again.

“They are some of the most symbolic whiskies I have worked with and they are profoundly important to me. They are as old as I am. They refect my life and experience, those moments that mean so much to us all. The moments that defne us; when we marry, when we become parents and when we achieve our dreams and are recognised for our achievements.

“These are the moments that deserve to be celebrated with something extraordinary. I hope you will be able to join me.”


Official tasting notes:

  • Colour – An Islay sunrise.
  • Aroma – Gorgeous.. Classic old school Bruichladdich.. Coconut, warm muscovado sugar, vanilla custard, grapefruit, mango, baked ginger biscuits, marzipan. Afer a while notes of date syrup and sultana.
  • Taste – Soft and gentle texture, a delicate dram. Crème brulee, buttercup and orange zest. Gently warming the palate, it opens to reveal a touch of leather, toasted oak and praline. Sweet citrus and mango come through later.
  • Finish – So gentle but a lovely finish of warm scones and dried fruit, candied orange, lemon peel and apricot jam.
  • Character – There is a quiet feel to this dram, delicate yet assured of its identity.

What I say

Distilled in 1984 at Bruichladdich distillery on Islay and matured in ex-Bourbon casks for 32 years. This release in the Rare Cask Series All In: Bourbon was a marriage of the last 12 Bourbon casks from 1984, producing 3,000 bottles at 43.7% ABV.

Special thanks to Bruichladdich for providing this sample.

My tasting notes:

  • Appearance: Chestnut gold (13/20), very slow-forming, medium-fine tears and fine legs.
  • Nose: Tropical fruits burst forth on the nose, mango, pineapple, apple, pear, apricot, fruit pastilles, oak wood, orange oil, golden syrup, fudge or tablet, sugary sweet with woody sugars, dry malt, almost Calvados like with apple and tannic oak wood, apple strudel and vanilla cream.
  • Taste: Full-bodied, gingery spice & crystallized sugars, tablet, unctuous fruits, reduced apple puree, mango, pinapple, orange zest, syrupy, a touch of white pepper adds to the ginger spice, woody sugars and tannins, vanilla cream takes a while to finally emerge, vanilla custard and apple strudel.
  • Finish: Long, drying, ginger spice, apple must and tannic oak wood.


Slightly reminiscent of Calvados with both fresh and baked apple flavours paired with old oak wood in a perfect combination. Slightly drying and spicy on the palate with ginger prominent but also a big dollop of vanilla cream and lots of mature tropical fruits.

Score 92/100

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