Anatomy of our whisky reviews

Our compound title is constructed from:

Distillery or Whisky Name | Age and Vintage | Whisky Expression or Collection (ABV%, Bottler, Cask Details, Number of bottles, Year of bottling)

In order to give the maximum information as concisely as possible and provide a unique identification

Whisky Review: Common or official name of product

  • Category: which category the product is included in
  • Origin: which distillery the product comes from (with hyperlink to our distillery profiles)
  • Bottling: Company responsible for bottling (with hyperlink to our Official distiller or  Independent bottler profiles)
  • ABV: alcohol by volume, expressed as a percentage
  • Cost: cost usually in £GBP

Official Product Image

What they say

Official press release or website comments on product

  official quotes from producer

Official tasting notes:

  • Official tasting notes when provided with a product

What I say

Which may contain:

A summary comment describing the product

Reasons behind how or why I have selected this sample

Details of the product, re-iterating age, year of vintage or cask details where these may not be apparent from the official details above

Thanks to sample provider where necessary (e.g. acknowledgement of receipt of PR or gifted samples)

My tasting notes:

  • Appearance: colour description (x/20, colour intensity based on a standard 20 point scale), visual description of tears and legs
  • Nose: a description of the aromas identified in the order they occur to me
  • Taste: a description of the flavours identified as well as commentary on the structure of the product on the palate
  • Finish: a description of the after-effects or reflux following ingestion


Summary comments

Score x/100 our score based on our 100 point scale

Hyperlink to products where available (stating website redirection) links may be affilated i.e. TheWhiskyphiles.com may earn a small commission for any sales generated

Don’t take my word for it:

Hyperlink to other reviews of the same product (website redirection to other blogs review of the same product)

A contact form for other reviewers to submit links to their reviews of the same product (i.e. links for above)

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