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Calvados Hamard Vieille Reserve ~ 40% (Thierry Et Laurent HAMARD)

Calvados Review: Calvados Hamard Vieille Reserve Lot 2008

Category: Calvados Domfrontais

Origin: Thierry Et Laurent HAMARD, La Sébaudière – 61330 Ceauce

ABV: 40%

Cost: €?


What they say:


In organic agriculture for nearly 20 years, Thierry and Laurent will welcome you to Sebaudiere, where you can find and enjoy the range of cider products of old orchards.

We sell : farm peary, cider, Calvados Domfrontais AOC, apple aperitif, pear aperitif, apple juice, pear juice.


Les producteurs – Poire Domfront

What I say:

Received as a gift, this 20cl bottle was purchased directly from the farm shop at Thierry Et Laurent HAMARD, La Sébaudière – 61330 Ceauce. Details on the label: Calvados Domfrontais (i.e. contains at least 30% pear as well as apple) , vieille reserve (old reserve) notifying this has spent a minimum of 4 years ageing in oak barrels. I was making an assumption that the Lot2008 may refer to a year of distillation, and this was purchased in late 2016 – so it may be significantly over 4 years?


Copper amber (14/20) medium-large droplets, medium legs


Fruity and sweet, high/pure sweetness of icing sugar, ripe pears and overripe bananas, slightly estery, honey, runny or clarified? grassy hay, a hint of spice and herbs, very fresh orchard fruits


Fresh apple and pear, honeyed, poached or stewed pears, caramel sauce, slightly bitter/tannic oak wood presents as latte coffee, then spicy cinnamon and black pepper


Medium, sweet pear fruit, grassy hay, fades to a light cinnamon spice


Remarkably drinkable this has a very sweet and light nature to it backed with just a touch of woody oak sugars and spices

Score: 84/100

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