Walsh Whiskey New Make Pot Still Spirit

Walsh Whiskey New Make Pot Still Spirit (75.5%, OB, 2016)

  • Category: Irish New Make Pot Still Spirit
  • Origin: Royal Oak Distillery
  • Bottling: Walsh Whiskey for #WalshWhiskey tweet tasting
  • ABV: 75.5%
  • Cost: £n/a


What they say:

Our family is dedicated to continuing to play a central role in the revival of Irish whiskey as one of the world’s most appreciated spirits. We are doing this through the recreation of some old recipes from the 19th century, Ireland’s golden era of whiskey distilling, and also through the introduction of innovative new expressions for new palettes in a new era.

We are passionate for both innovation and attention to detail. Detail in our choice of location for our distillery in an area blessed by the ingredients and climate to make world-class, premium whiskey. Detail in the creation of a distillery for distiller, visitor and whiskey-drinker alike – where manual operations reign supreme over machine so that innovative small batches can be crafted to perfection. We believe that our passion, innovation and attention-to-detail make a real difference to the enjoyment of people who choose our whiskeys and so they drive our family’s dream to create a legacy of whiskey excellence.

Bernard & Rosemary Walsh

Read more of the History behind Walsh Whiskey here…

Royal Oak was handpicked by Bernard and Rosemary Walsh to be the home of Walsh Whiskey Distillery and its whiskeys, The Irishman and Writers Tears.

“After many years looking for the right place, we knew Royal Oak was the one as soon as we saw it. Set deep in the heart of barley-growing country, framed by two hundred year old might oaks on the banks of the goodly Barrow in Ireland’s Ancient East, Royal Oak is the perfect place for creating the exceptional quality whiskeys that we are dedicated to crafting for people all over the world to enjoy. But first we have work to do!

While the estate’s pastoral lands are in pristine condition, Holloden House, Royal Oak’s historic Georgian mansion dating back to 1755, needs careful renovation.  Brick by brick, we are lovingly restoring the 18th century residence that is to be our spiritual home.  All around Holloden’s walls, once beautiful gardens are slowly re-emerging from the undergrowth, full of old and rare species.  At the same time, our world-class distillery, is built to the highest standards to ensure we can produce the authentic Irish whiskeys of our dreams.

Royal Oak is in the name of our tiny local village, where we are lucky to work closely with the farmers, craftsmen and neighbours who are at the heart of our community. As new life is breathed into the estate, we hope everyone benefits from the jobs that are created, the barley that is grown and the many visitors who will come over the years ahead.

The Walsh Whiskey Distillery in the majestic setting of Royal Oak reflects our passion for the attention to detail that we believe makes a difference and our family’s dream to create a legacy of whiskey excellence.”

Bernard & Rosemary Walsh

What I say:

To start of the #WalshWhiskey tweet tasting we sampled their new make pot still spirit produced at the Royal Oak Distillery. One of the perks of Tweet tastings such as those hosted by Steve @TheWhiskyWire is often the chance to sample something not normally available, either pre-release bottlings or straight from the cask samples or as in this case a sample of the raw New Make Spirit produced by a new distillery. This particular sample was of their New Make Pot Still Spirit at 75.5% ABV as it would come off the still!

“Pot Still Irish Whiskey/Irish Pot Still Whiskey” is made from natural raw materials, currently non-peated malted barley and includes unmalted barley and other unmalted cereals, water and yeast.   Other natural enzymes may also be used at the brewing and fermentation stages.  The unmalted barley is an essential ingredient of “Pot Still Irish Whiskey/Irish Pot Still Whiskey” as it gives both a distinctive spicy flavour to the whiskey and influences the texture by giving the whiskey a distinct creamy mouth feel.

“Pot Still Irish Whiskey/Irish Pot Still Whiskey” is defined as a spirit distilled from a mash of a  combination of malted barley, unmalted barley and other unmalted cereals.  The mash must contain a minimum of 30% malted barley and a minimum of 30% unmalted barley and be:

a)  saccharified by the diastase of malt contained therein, with or without other natural enzymes;

b)  fermented by the action of yeast;

c) distilled in pot stills in such manner that the distillate has an aroma and taste derived from the materials used.


Crystal clear (0/20)


Flinty and mealy, mossy, farmyard, stewed mixed fruits apple, pear and bramble jam, with water, more pear drops and sticky back plastic/plastic book coverings


With a good dash of water, toffee, caramel sauce, fruity apple, pear, smooth and mouth coating


Medium, sweet, fruity, cereal, toffee/honey


Very nice, lots of potential. Once diluted this was really quite drinkable and displayed lots of intriguing spirit character which we could envision working well with either ex-bourbon or ex-sherry cask maturations. Indeed numerous tasters suggested mixing this with tonic or similar long drinks similar to the use of gin to help display some of its characteristics.

Score: N/A

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