Speyburn 25 Year Old Solera Cask

Speyburn 25 Year Old Solera Cask (46%, OB, 2015)

  • Category: Speyside single malt scotch whisky
  • Origin: Speyburn Distillery
  • Bottling: Official, Inver House
  • ABV: 46%
  • Cost: £84.14


What they say:

25 Year Old Solera Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Spicy, sweet, long lasting with a dry finish.

Now archived Speyburn 25 Year Old Solera was a whisky of rare quality. The finest Scottish spirit is matured for a quarter of a century in American white oak ex-bourbon and ex-Fino sherry casks carefully selected by distillery manager Robert Anderson. This slow process produced a multi-award winning single malt whisky of exceptional depth, complexity and balance.


Clear light amber.


Citrus, toffee, fruity – vanilla, honey, apples & pears, woody, oaky, spicy.


Medium bodied, smooth, vanilla, fruity, grapefruit, sweet, spicy.

Omakase Sayonara WOLS

What I say:

Another dram (#3) from the Omakase Sayonara WOLS Tasting presented by Richard Kuo. This is a solera vatted 25 year old sherried malt from Speyburn (similar to Glenfiddich’s solera malt) due to the failure to empty the solera tun (ever) there will be a very small proportion of this bottling originating in the very first cask decanted into the solera tun, so definitely 25 years old plus!


Refractive chardonnay gold (6/20) slow, fat, droplet tears leave wide legs


Leathery and fruity, peach, a hint of Christmas cake, toffee’d oak wood, orange and ginger marmalade, cereal barley malt, vanilla, apple and pear


Fruity and spicy, grapefruit pith, lemon, lime, some cream and vanilla foam, crème brulee, over-caramelised sugar, molasses, sour white pepper and grapefruit, tannic and drying oak wood.


Long, spiced grapefruit, sweet and sour


An interesting expression oddly full of grapefruit and quite sour and bitter in places with a touch of dryness. In more youthfull whisky I may have mistaken this for green/virgin (or tired) oak wood influence but here who knows – perhaps a product of the solera system? Whatever the origin this flavour combination is really quite pleasing and more-ish to dram. A shame it is no longer available!

Score: 89/100

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