Famous Grouse 30 Years Old

Famous Grouse 30 Years Old (43%, Edrington, 2016)


What they say:

The Famous Grouse 30yo blended malt whisky is a fantastic example of the skill that the Master Blender uses to create this malt whisky. The core malts are The Macallan from Speyside and Highland Park from Orkney.

What I say:

Another one from the Rarities/oddities tasting. This aged blend from Edrington’s Famous Grouse stable is 100% malt whisky (i.e. no grain whisky component) all aged over 30 years.


Madeira wine, ruby and bright copper (13/20), medium droplet tears leaving numerous very fine legs


Orange marmalade, musty leather couch or satchel, fruity cherry, sherbet ‘sour’ fizz, chocolate & rum truffles, complex cereal structure, grainy barley/bran, toffee, honey, dried tropical fruit mix, nutty walnuts, rumtoft, candied peel


Rich spiced sweetness, dark chocolate, cinnamon syllabub, waxy orange peels, mince pies, rummy, figs, date, fruit-loaf/malt-loaf, Christmas cake, spiced gingerbread, polished old wood, sherry


Medium, bright/polished, ‘sickly’ sweet sugar dummies and spiced/dry powdered cinnamon


A very nice blended malt, plenty of character in here that reminded us of well-aged and heavily-sherried Macallan and Highland Park.

Score: 86/100

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