Henry McKenna 10 Year Old Single Barrel

Henry McKenna 10 Year Old Single Barrel (50%, OB, 2016)

  • Category: Kentucky straight bourbon
  • Origin: Heaven Hill Distillery
  • Bottling: Henry Mckenna
  • ABV: 50%
  • Cost £72.00


What they say:

In 1837, a young man from Ireland known for his remarkable whiskey-making skills, came to America with his family’s whiskey recipe that had been passed down for generations. Young Mr. McKenna settled in Kentucky and discovered the uniquely American drink known as Bourbon. McKenna instantly took a liking to Kentucky whiskey and set out to create a better Bourbon using his family’s recipe. To ensure the highest quality, he insisted that his Bourbon age in oak barrels before bottling. From this process, highly unusual for the time, emerged a remarkably smooth Bourbon boasting a distinctive character.

As the only extra aged Bottled-in-Bond Single Barrel Bourbon, Henry McKenna Single Barrel satisfies those looking for a real whiskey with real history. The super-premium status is conveyed through new packaging. The front label contains handwritten authentication of the barrel number and the barreled on date. It also emphasizes the Bottled-in-Bond designation and the 10 year age statement.

What I say:

Thanks again to Richard at Adventures in Whiskyland for returning from the land of the free with some samples of hard to find (here in Scotland) Bourbons to continue my education in American Whiskey. Cheers! This is another expression deriving from the Heaven Hill Distillery but bottled under the Henry McKenna label. Aged for 10 years and bottled from a single barrel.


Reflective dark amber gold (13/20), medium tears and oily thick legs


A mixture of rich fruitcake and maple syrup on the nose, hints of cocoa but definitely sweet, molasses and a mixture of syrup and treacle, marmalade with ginger, toasted rye bread, French toast with vanilla essence, crème brulee, quite a heady mixture


Thick/viscous with plenty of sugar syrup and honey, molasses, oaky wood, perhaps a little tannic and there is a prickle on the lips of a touch of black pepper, butterscotch and toffee, ginger and orange marmalade with cinnamon and nutmeg spices, quite dark and toasted burnt sugars, a little bitterness sneaks in like coffee grounds or very dark chocolate, coconut cream and vanilla essence persist


Medium, a bittersweet mixture moves from toasted sugar to lighter vanilla and coconut notes and back again.


Impressive, this is a very enjoyable Bourbon, I like the textures on the palate and nice combination of flavours and a fine balance to them too. I could drink a lot more of this!

Score: 88/100

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