Smith’s Glenlivet 1974 Rare Vintage

Smith’s Glenlivet 1974 Rare Vintage (43%, Gordon & MacPhail, 2011)

  • Category: Speyside single malt scotch whisky
  • Origin: The Glenlivet Distillery
  • Bottling: Gordon & MacPhail Distillery Own Labels
  • ABV: 43%
  • Cost: £420.67 from Master of Malt


What they say:


Dark amber.


Medium to full.



Cask Type

Refill American & refill Sherry casks.


Well balanced and rounded.

AROMA without water

Fragrant, fresh rose petals and newly cut grass. A lingering subtle sweetness follows.

TASTE without water

An initial burst of chilli spices, with a sweetness emerging. Soft fruit influences linger and a hint of vanilla comes to the fore.

AROMA with water

Fresh with a heavily fragrant nose, freshly cut roses. A burst of vanilla and ripe soft fruits emerge.

TASTE with water

A peppery edge develops, with a touch of aniseed. Hints of creamy butter develop.

TW Glenlivet 1974 vintage GM

What I say:

Sampled as part of Gordon & MacPhail’s ‘The Wood Makes The Whisky’ Campaign. Thanks to Gordon & MacPhail for the official sample. This expression was distilled in 1974 at The Glenlivet distillery in Speyside and matured for ~ 37 years in a mixture of refill American and refill sherry casks before marrying together to produce this final whisky.


Unburnished dark copper (14/20) numerous medium-thickness legs with large droplet tears


Rich toffee’d oak wood, sherry, fig, raisins, fruitcake, brandy, leather and old book bindings, musty old library, red apples and clove oil


Tannic red wine, oaky wood, brass pennies, raisins, antique furniture, old books, well-stewed tea, stale cigar smoke, cigar boxes, crystallized ginger, demerara sugar, herbal cough sweets


Long, sharp old wood, musty, tannic and fruity like red wine


Christmasy, woody and a somewhat crystalline or purified essential oil flavours with tannic red fruits. Definitely one for red wine lovers!

Score: 86/100

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