Bruichladdich 1994 Micro-Provenance Cask 013

Bruichladdich Micro-Provenance Cask 013 (50.6%, OB, Bourbon & Sauternes Finish, 253 Bottles, 2015)

  • Category: Islay single malt scotch whisky
  • Origin: Bruichladdich Distillery
  • Bottling: Official for #LaddieMP3
  • ABV: 50.6%
  • Cost: £90
  • Score: 86/100


What they say:

The Micro Provenance series is unique to Bruichladdich and is conceived as an exploration into cask evolution, each individually picked by head distiller Adam Hannett to explore the fine nuances of the Bruichladdich whisky and the effects of warehousing, oak, cask and micro-climate on maturing spirit.

This 21 year old single malt scotch whisky has spent the majority of its long life on Islay in a white American oak bourbon cask, before a year in a Sauternes barrel from one of the great chateaux of the Bordeaux region. It has been brought down for bottling from the racks of our cathedral-like warehouse number 13.

It is available exclusively online via

Number of bottles: 253

Tasting Notes

There is a luscious texture evident from the thick legs that take an age to roll down the glass telling you this is quality.


The colour is rich warm and golden.


WOW. Peach Melba, crème brulee, warm straw, malted barley, honey, mango, orange, almond, toasted oak chips, vanilla caramel, buttery fudge.


So smooth the mouthfeel is silky and viscous. The French oak gives you sweetness and a wonderful toasted flavour that brings vanilla lemon chocolate and coconut. The fruit works so well with these flavours and one by one you can taste the apricot, peach, mango and pineapple. Towards the finish the malted barley comes through with a lovely note of digestive biscuit.


This is like dessert in a glass, as the finish reveals pear and apple crumble. A warm sand, marine note lingers and the floral aspect comes out with buttercups and heather. This is special and so open, the flavours are unrestricted and so balanced at this age and strength.


A joy to breathe in.

#LaddieMP3 tasting

What I say:

Sample from #LaddieMP3, ~ 20 years in ex-bourbon before finishing for ~ 12 months in ex-Sauternes wine cask.


Antique yellow gold, bright and shiny (7/20), slow forming large droplet tears plummet and leave tapered legs


Sweet and fruity, fresh apples and pears, peach and apricot, cereal barley malt and grist, oaty and biscuity with a saccharine sweetness of light runny honey and thin golden syrup


Punchy fruit, strong and zesty fruit medley with apple, lime, kiwi, melon, pear and apricot all enveloped in a rich vanilla custard but still quite tart! Spiced and slightly tannic toasted oak wood with cinnamon, white pepper and nutmeg, on top of a caramel and toffee, something Umami, sesame seed oily and buttery about this one, touches of almond and hazelnut


Long sweet and spicy, still tart fruits coming through


Probably my favourite from the #LaddieMP3 tasting though it was difficult to choose between all 3 of the casks used in this particular Micro-Provenance tasting. This displayed a good age with just enough Sauternes finishing on top of the Bourbon maturation to give a real fruity infusion.

Many thanks to Christy at Bruichladdich for the samples.

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