Review: Flaviar Discovery Tasting Sets

Review: Flaviar Discovery Tasting Sets

Flaviar are a company who provide a drinks discovery service via monthly subscription. Many will find their journey into new spirits a little daunting with perhaps Whisky being the ultimate in terms of variety and complexity. We hope that many who start this journey use websites and blogs such as us here at The Whiskyphiles to educate them along their way – as well as a wealth of books, magazines and other media. However, launching into bottle purchases either aided or unaided can become a very costly business and soon potentially disappointing purchases are inevitable – we have all been there – even us! Flaviar offer a service to explore the world of spirits including whisky at a much more affordable level with selections of hand (or tongue!) picked examples reflecting the scope and variety of what is on offer – so you can effectively try before you decide to buy the whole bottle! Sound good – then read on!

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To immerse ourselves in the full Flaviar experience we sample their World Whisky Tasting Set:

Flaviar Tasting Set

Neatly packaged into their suave little black boxes come 5 samples, hand-picked and packaged together as a coherent selection. Along with Instructions and Tasting Notes – all you simply require is a glass! Well so we thought – actually the Flaviar packs serving suggestion entails 3 (or 15) glasses and 2 friends! Each sample flask contains 45ml and are marked for 3x 15ml servings, not generous but entirely sufficient for a tasting (my preference would be to forget to invite 1 friend and split this 50/50 with someone you love! ps effectively halving the cost too if you have someone who wants to go in on a share subscription with you!).

From there on in it is a case of open, pour, drink, discuss, repeat. You can setup your own home tasting session with a friend, blind or educated your choice!

Our tasting set was a World Whisky Discovery set and included the following:

Flaviar Set Open

Scotland: Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban 12 Years Old ~ 46% (Moet-Hennessy)

Ireland: Writers Tears ~ 40% (Walsh Whiskey Distillery Co.)

Japan: Yoichi 10 Years Old ~ 45% (Nikka) (now discontinued and increasingly rare and expensive!)

And extra-exciting for us, two new whiskies which we hadn’t previously sampled;

Switzeland: Santis Peated Cask Strength (Edition Dreifaltigkeit) ~ 52% (Santis)

India: Amrut Indian Single Malt Whisky ~ 46% (Amrut)

Overall this group scored either 83 or 84 points on our scoring system (see our Top of the whisky pops) which we class as ‘Outstanding whisky with great character and style’. So there you have it, a damn good tasting set with rare and exclusive whiskies in it, all of great character and something new even to us (currently having sampled over 1,000 whiskies).

As for value for money – I think these sets break even, assuming an average price of say £50 per bottle then the fluid alone would add up to ~£16 of your £18.99 subscription, factoring in postage and the work done to select and prepare these then we feel this still represents a good deal if you are interested in discovering as much whisky as possible.

Thanks to Flaviar.com for the sample set.

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