Bushmills Black Bush

Bushmills Black Bush (40%, OB, 2015)

  • Category: Blended, triple-distilled Irish whiskey
  • Origin: Bushmills Distillery
  • Bottling: Official
  • ABV: 40%
  • Cost: £22.90
  • Score: 82/100


What they say:

An intriguing name and an intriguing flavour. Right from the pour you’ll notice the dark colouring‚ a result of maturing for up to seven years in spanish oloroso sherry casks and sweet bourbon barrels. As for the taste‚ this 80% malt premium whiskey floats across the tongue to deliver dark‚ velvety fruity notes right through to the back of your throat.


Big and full to start off with‚ quickly becoming light with a hint of a spicy fruit


Floats across your tongue to the back of your throat where it rests as a slight sherry sweetness.


A lingering‚ smooth sweetness that flourishes into your cheeks.


What I say:

Dram #2 during the #BushmillsWhiskey Tweet tasting hosted by Steve @TheWhiskyWire


Light golden amber (8/20), medium-sized droplets with substantial legs


Oooh nice, furniture polish and beeswax, honey, floral, icing sugar then fruit cake


Honey, toffee, red fruits, raisins, rum & raisin fudge anyone? cinnamon spice, tannins – yum


Medium-long, rum and raisin, tannic dried fruits


This delicious blend from Bushmills is redolent with dried fruits and sherry oak character, for me a definite improvement on the Original Bushmills blend. Not too sweet, this also has a slightly savoury backing to the palate making it very moreish.

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