Arran 18 Years Old 1996 Oloroso octave finish

Arran 18 Years Old 1996 (49.3%, Whiskybroker, HH #884 & Oloroso octave finish, 81 Bottles, 2015)

Whisky Review

  • Arran Distillery
  • Whiskybroker
  • Finished in Oloroso octave cask 884
  • 49.3 % ABV
  • £44.40
  • Score: 88/100


What they say:

A single cask bottling of Arran malt whisky from Whiskybroker Limited. Distilled on the 5th August 1996 filled into a hogshead cask and finished in an oloroso sherry octave and later bottled at natural cask strength on the 15th January 2015, producing 81 bottles at outturn.


What I say:

The second in the trio of Arran 18 Year olds released by Whiskybroker in January 2015. This one has been finished in an Oloroso sherry octave cask


Refractive golden yellow Sauternes (8/20), large quick droplets leaving very loose trails, oily?


Fruity, sherry and spice character to the initial nose, some apple, pear and plum, even quince perhaps and a light dusting of cinnamon and nutmeg, a touch of resin, madeira cake, sandalwood, praline and buttermilk


Buttery and nutty (but not peanut buttery!) more like farmhouse butter on pancakes with an almond or hazelnut paste, dry hazelnuts, almonds, some chocolate or Nutella/gianduja, malty cereal barley, wholewheat and bisuity almost like digestives, plum and cherry glaze and a touch of salt add a cured meat flavour, a little dried leather and some woody tannins combine with a dry oak like freshly carpentered timbers


Medium-long, drying nutty leather, some dried buttered brown toast


The 2nd of the Arran 18 year olds released by Whiskybroker in January 2015, this has spent some time finishing in an Oloroso sherry conditioned octave cask and has taken on a subtle nuttiness

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