Arran 17 Years Old 1996 Single Cask 1482

Arran 17 Years Old 1996 (54%, Whiskybroker, Refill HH #1482, 272 Bottles, 2015)

Whisky Review

  • Arran Distillery
  • Whiskybroker
  • Cask 1482 refill hogshead
  • 54% ABV
  • £40.66
  • Score: 85/100


What they say:

Distilled at the Isle of Arran distillery on 4th October 1996, this has been matured for a full 17 years in a refill hogshead #1482 before bottling on the 6th March 2014. This cask produced 272 bottles at outturn at a cask strength of 54% ABV.

What I say:

Right-hand bottle in above picture, this 17 year old Arran was matured in a refill hogshead and released early in 2014 by Whiskybroker


Autumnal Gold (11/20)


Red berry fruits, tannic suede leather, cocoa-dusted almonds, musty old bookshop, soapy and floral lavender, vanilla and coconut cream, cocoa butter, draff and Weetabix cereals


Waxy in mouthfeel, furniture polish, beeswax, walnut, spiced cinnamon buns, nutmeg on vanilla custard flan, Danish pastries, a little salted meat and smoked bbq pork ribs


Long, drying and savoury, spiced bbq meats with a savoury honey glaze


This one had me guessing Sherry cask all over. With the fruit, tannin, leather and chocolate  – I now realise this is core Arran malt signatures mixed with a particularly active refill hogshead. Very enjoyable!

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