Glen Scotia 10 Years Old

Glen Scotia 10 Years Old (46%, OB, 2012)

  • Glen Scotia Distillery
  • Loch Lomond Group
  • 46% ABV
  • £34.33
  • Score: 80/100


What they say:

Bourbon Cask matured, non-chill filtered.

Tasting Notes:


Light camomile tea


light fresh and full of vitality


It opens slowly with aromas of sweet cereals, honeysuckle, green apple, vanilla wafer and sweet malt


Initial waves of lemon, pear and kiwi fruit followed by a nutty honey. The oils retained from not chill filtering coat the with the oak’s vanilla sweetness. Remarkably easy on the palate for a 46% strength whisky


Light, gentle and smooth with faint hints of butter, almond and hazelnut. The perfect aperitif.

What I say:

With an imminent trip to Campbeltown and with the discontinuation of this entire range which was only released late in 2012 I figured I needed to get to know Glen Scotia better, so here goes a Scotia Verticale


Light straw gold (5/20), slow medium/large droplet tears with medium trails


Floral and smoky initially? fresh grass and dried hay, I get the honeysuckle from the notes but thought this was more chamomile on the nose, cereal barley flour; fine-milled, fruity apple, pear, a little sweet honey and plenty of vanilla cream


Fruity, lemon and lime citrus, apple, pear, kiwi, melon, sweet syrup and honey combo, ‘cornflake’ cereal, a little malt, vanilla custard, almond, macadamia and hazelnut


Short, lemon, cream, buttery and nutty, salted peanut/briny


Gentle and light and a little fruity, nothing spectacular – interesting nutty and slightly salty notes in here I’d like to see develop as we move on up the age-statements.

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