Balblair 24 Years Old 1990 Authentic Collection

Balblair 24 Years Old 1990 Authentic Collection (52.2%, Cadenheads, Bourbon Barrel, 180 Bottles, 2015)

Highland single malt scotch whisky

52.2% ABV, £78.90 for 70cl from Wm Cadenheads

Score: 89/100


What they say:

Distilled at Balblair distillery in 1990 and bottled in January 2015 Nose: Fresh sweet and fruity with pears toffee and watermelon, passion fruits with malteaser centres. This dram has a lot of flavours on the nose that invites you to savour the taste. Palate: Fruit delivering an effervescent bombardment across the palate as one zesty citrus after another, then honey and caramel coat the middle palate perfectly. Finish: Nicely balanced finish with an abundance of flavours from the nose to the middle palate that keep going right to the end.


What I Say:

Sampled at the Edinburgh University Water of Life Society AGM 2015


Sauternes gold (6/20) quick rounded medium-sized droplet tears with light trails


Burnt sweet fudge, tropical fruits; lychee, pineapple, passion fruit plus pear and melon, polished and varnished old oak wood, more dark brown sugars, toffee


Mouth-coating and almost oily, spiced fruit punch to the fore, cayenne pepper heat and some spiced cinnamon hints, caramel and toffee, tropical fruit medley of melon, lychee, passion fruit, pineapple, pear, maple syrup and cereal barley malt


Long, fruity and creamy with a citric zest and cinnamon spice


A delicious expression full of tropical fruit flavours and plenty of caramel, the old oak ageing has worked to perfection on this single cask Balblair expression bottled by Wm Cadenheads.

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