Mortlach 14 Years Old 1999 Vintage Collection

Mortlach 14 Years Old 1999 Vintage Collection (43%, Signatory, HHs #7902 & 7903, 843 Bottles, 2013)

Speyside single malt scotch whisky

43% ABV, £35 for 70cl

Score: 86/100


What they say:

This is a 14 year old expression, distilled by Mortlach in May 1999, matured in two hogshead casks and bottled by Signatory in December 2013 with an outturn of 843 bottles.

What I say:

‘nother Mortlach – don’t mind if we do. Sampled whilst mourning the loss of the old flora and fauna expression and whilst still hopeful that the new Mortlach expressions were worthy of the name (sadly this hasn’t been confirmed on numerous occasions). At least some of the Indie Mortlach’s are drinkable.


Light champagne gold (2/20) medium sized droplet tears


Light, sweet and biscuit, malted milk biscuits, fruity melon, oranges and lemons (candied fruit pieces) candied peel, zesty grapefruit and orange, dolly mixture sweeties and fruit jellies, caramel, vanilla cream, coconut, becomes a little estery with pear drops sweeties and ripe banana


Malty and meaty, light fruit, melon, orange, grapefruit, flavoured creams or jellies – much less citric than the nose suggested, vanilla cream, oily and buttery, creamed coconut bar – almost soapy, some honey


Smooth and sweet, malted milk biscuits with honey


A rather pleasing Mortlach expression, a lot of fruitiness in this one but presented in a rich oily and creamy texture on the palate making it a joy to dram. A few nostalgic biscuit and sweetie flavours and aromas took us back to our youth and left us feeling like kids in a sweetie shop.

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