Label 5 Extra Premium 12 Years Old

Label 5 Extra Premium 12 Years Old (40%, La Martiniquaise, 2015)

  • Blended scotch whisky
  • 40% ABV, €20 for 1L
  • Score: 82/100

Label 5 12yo gift box

What they say:

LABEL 5 EXTRA PREMIUM 12 year old is an exceptional Scotch Whisky fully matured in oak casks for over 12 years. During this process, and under the constant care of the Master Blender, it acquires its incomparable smoothness and lingering flavours.


What I say:

The final part of our short journey through some of the Label 5 range ended on what we thought was their best expression, the 12 Years Old Extra Premium. Once again thanks to Tom from Tom’s Whisky Reviews for the samples.


Dark amber gold (12/20), thick and heavy tears


Fruity orchard fruits, peach, pear and apple, all poached in honey and syrup, fragrant and floral, light and sweet, oak wood and cereal barley malt with a little herbal nature, sage and cumin.


Neutral-sweet toffee and woody oak, more herbal nature again sage and cumin amongst others, creamy vanilla develops and more sugary toffee, butterscotch and fudge, becoming quite rich, cereal grain malted barley, a little oat, slightly biscuity


Medium-long like spiced apple brandy with toffee


We really enjoyed this 12 year old blended scotch from Label 5, this is easily as good as many entry level single malts. A good depth and balance of flavours with plenty of aged oak wood throughout. Sweet on the nose but much more tempered in the palate and a lovely baked or stewed nature to all those lovely fruit flavours make this very shippable in its own right.

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