Ledaig 19 Years Old 1993 Private Collection

Ledaig 19 Years Old 1993 Private Collection St Joseph Wood Finish ~ 45% (Gordon & MacPhail)

  • Island single malt scotch whisky
  • 45% ABV, £55 for 70cl
  • Score: 92/100


What they say:

Colour: Dark Amber.

WITHOUT WATER: Nose: Sweet wine influences with red grapes and sweet summer berries aromas. Fresh and herbal with hints of coriander and sea air. Palate: Rich dark chocolate flavours, with maraschino cherries and black forest gateau. A slight nuttiness is also present with a touch ash and new leather.
WITH WATER: Nose: Becomes fresher with citrus fruit elements, lemon zest and salty sea air, a subtle smoky note lingers. Palate: Ashy and sweet initially. Fruity elements become fresher with water melons and kiwi fruit flavours.

Body: Medium.

Finish: Long and Lingering.

Cask Type : Finished for 40 months in St Joseph wine casks.

Style: Sweet and fruity expression of the Island Malt Ledaig.

Distilled 28th May 1993 and bottled in June 2012, limited edition of 2,200 bottles

What I say:

First sampled at the Glasgow whisky festival back in 2013, this stood out as a particularly good wine-finished dram especially considering Tobermory’s peated Ledaig spirit as the base. I mulled over buying bottles of this for far too long and eventuall it was gone from all known stockists until I found a little wine shop in southern England that had a bottle (or 3) left. I swiftly ordered all of their remaining stock and bid my time until we hosted a peaty whisky tasting in which to unleash these upon the Water of Life Society membership. Finally they were consumed at the Water Of Life Society ‘For Peat’s Sake’ tasting held on 19th February 2015.


Dark ruby (14/20), quick/thin tears with long trails


Blackberry, blackcurrant, bramble jam, fruity, chocolate, peat smoke, hint of iodine, meaty, smoked duck with cherry or plum sauce, treacle toffee sponge pudding, spiced gingerbread.


Chocolate, treacle, molasses, blackberry jam, fruity, chewy toffee, cereal barley malt, some light black pepper, earthy and spiced.


Treacle, fruity, coconut and spiced peat


Displays a wonderful depth of fruity flavours from the St Joseph’s wine cask finish with a firm backbone of chocolate malt and spcied peat smoke. Delicious!

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