Caol Ila

SMWS 53.193 To bring a smile to every face

Caol Ila 22 Years Old 1992 53.193 To bring a smile to every face (49.9%, SMWS, Bourbon Barrel, Member Pack, 2014)

  • Islay single malt scotch whisky
  • 49.9% ABV, 10cl bottle received in SMWS membership gift pack
  • Score: 86/100


What they say:

Cask 53.193

The nose has harbours, sea-shells, smoked fish, Dolly Mixtures, waxed jackets, leather, oak, smoke and soot. Deliciously juicy and sweet, bubble gum and fruit. Ash and teasing smoke will bring out the inner poet and induce smiles.

Aged 22 years


What I say:

Received as part of the SMWS membership pack, this is a 22 year old Caol Ila (SMWS Distillery #53)


Dark straw gold (8/20)


Seaside/harbour aromas, diesel engine fishing boats, lobster pots out in the sunshine, briny, smoky, sweet honey and icing sugar, dolly mixtures, fondant sweeties, peaty, peanut and cereal barley


Vanilla, sweet and creamy then smoky ash, peanut, machine oil, peaty and nutty, marzipan with cinnamon, bubblegum


Short-medium, smoky peat, neutral-sweet vanilla and cereal lingers


We were particularly taken with this Caol Ila expression which seems to wander across the senses from aroma to finish with a depth of subtle complexity. On the nose it evoked a real seaside sensation but the classic ash or cigarette smoke we normally find was tempered by a healthy dollop of sweet vanilla, making this very pleasing to drink. An approachable Islay/smoky whisky this was ideal for the SMWS membership set as it was a gentle introduction to the oily, coastal and peaty nature of Islay whiskies.

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