EDDU Silver Broceliande

EDDU Silver Broceliande ~ 42% (Distillerie Des Menhirs)

  • Breton 100% buckwheat whisky
  • 42% ABV, €47 for 70cl
  • Score: 87/100


What they say:

Eddu Silver Brocéliande claims his Breton roots.

This is the only whiskey in the world made from buckwheat only.
This uniqueness is enhanced by aging in oak barrels of the legendary Broceliande forest.

Appearance: yellow color of amber gold, beautiful shine.

Nose: Brocéliande Eddu Silver seduces with its woody notes delicately vanilla oak forest Brocéliande. The floral scents of wild hyacinth and carnation accompany voluptuously fruity aromas of dried fruits (toasted almonds, walnuts). Are also developing spicy notes of cinnamon and curry.

Palate: Rich and complex, the woody note is nice, vanilla side remains. Fruity notes explode on the palate, the finish is long. Perfect harmony on the palate, elegant, great presence.

What I say:

Selected to represent Breton (French) whisky in our World of Whiskies tasting presented to the Water of Life Society. Unique as this whisky is not produced from grains but 100% pure buckwheat, a pulse that is integral to Breton cuisine. To further enhance the terroir this particular EDDU expression has been aged in French Oak barrels sourced directly from the great Broceliande (Dark Forest) of Brittany. Another easy pick as I love the standard EDDU silver expression and was keen to hear tasters reactions to this one.


Full amber gold (9/20), medium-light droplet tears with fine trails


Ginger and orange, sweet, marmalade, honey, woody, oaky, plastic, botanical – juniper?, earthy and dirty, walnut, pine bark, spiced gingerbread latte coffee, cinnamon and cumin.


Thick and syrupy in mouthfeel, ginger and orange marmalade, herbal and spiced wood, cinnamon, thick and oily, gentle caramel, oak wood, café latte, toffee, nutmeg and gingerbread


Warming and a little drying, tannic (French) oak wood, sweet and spiced


Spiced and a little savoury with a little fizzy vanilla were my overall notes on this expression. Personally I loved it and was surprised who joined me on this journey to the dark forests of Brittany as this one split opinions. The society tasters either loved it as something new and very different with lots of lovely rich spices, or disliked it as being a little too dry and tannic. This was my favourite whisky of the tasting.

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