Water Of Life Society Tasting 15/5 The Whiskyphiles world of world whiskies 12/02/2015

Water Of Life Society Tasting 15/5

The Whiskyphiles world of world whiskies


World map

This week it was our responsibility to take the Water Of Life Society members on a tour of world whiskies and discover the diversity outside of Scotland. This was made a lot easier by our annual visits to France where we had access to a much more varied and wider array of non-scotch whisky to construct the tasting with. To encourage the theme of travelling around the world we also presented this tasting as a mini-festival with travel visa’s issues instead of standard tickets. Tasters were then left to visit each country of origin and sample the whisky presented at their own leisure. The following were on offer:

Nikka Black 8 Years Old ~ 40% (Nikka)


Mackmyra Brukswhisky ~ 41.4% (Mackmyra)


Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon ~ 50% (Four Roses)


Connemara Peated Single Malt Irish Whiskey ~ 40% (Kilbeggan Distilling Co.)


EDDU Silver Broceliande ~ 42% (Distillerie Des Menhirs)


Final WWoWW line-up


We also ran a bar of further world whisky expressions (French and Japanese) to raise funds for the charity Beyond Brothers raising a grand total of £120 on the night – Many thanks!


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