SMWS 14.3

Talisker 17 Years Old 1979 14.3 (64.3%, SMWS, 1996)

  • Island single malt scotch whisky
  • 64.3% ABV
  • Score: 92/100


What they say:

Cask No. 14.3

Distilled in March 1979 and matured for 17 years before bottling in September 1996 at 64.3% ABV


What I say:

As part of my attempts to sample every SMWS distillery it was inevitable we would have to resort to auction houses to get access to some of the distilleries that haven’t been bottled in some time by the SMWS. This particular example was the 3rd cask bottled from Talisker (SMWS distillery #14). Many thanks to Chris from Still Dramming for spotting this one and successfully winning the auction as well as sharing samples with us.


Very refractive light amber gold (9/20), numerous small droplet tears with fine trails


Salty and meaty, sea salt and balsamic vinegar crisps sprung to mind almost immediately, masses of cereal barley malt a little spirit with some alcohol burn, sweet golden syrup, heather blossom and heather honey, fruity apple, pear, peach, some zesty citrus orange and grapefruit, hints of vanilla


Warming, thick, oily and chewy in mouthfeel, ceral malt, meaty, balsamic vinegar, salty sea spray, tangy, heather honey-glazed gammon, toffee oak, floral heather blossom, smoked meat (beech-smoked like black forest ham), hints of white pepper, slightly dusty and earthy peat ash


Long, vaporous at first, masses of malt and gentle fragrant peat smoke and sweet bbq meats


Mouthwatering and delicious, a good old classic Talisker with masses of cereal malt, meaty, salty and wisps of fragrant peat smoke make this one a liquid breakfast in a glass.

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