Talisker Dark Storm

Talisker Dark Storm (45.8%, OB, 2014)

  • Island single malt scotch whisky
  • 45.8% ABV, £44.99
  • Score: 79/100


What they say:

Tasting Notes

Talisker Dark Storm is a 45.8% single malt Scotch matured in heavily charred oak casks for flavours of blackcurrant, liquorice and powerful smoke.

The nose is quite clean and fresh. There is a mixed fruity sweetness with a spicy character. The peat and smoke rise with notes of perfume and thick oak. Hints of Calvados and a touch of acidity with ground ginger. The palate is thick and rich and full-bodied. Notes of spicy, peppery oak, espresso beans and wood smoke. A little allspice creeps in, there is a certain zesty character lurking somewhere. The spice builds and builds with utter intent. The finish is long and with peppery oak.

What I say:

Sampled during Water of Life Society 27/03/2014 – Annual General Meeting


Deep, brooding, amber with blackened copper lights.


A rich sweet malt and butterscotch top-notes, backed by seaweed strewn beaches, brine, polished leather, moist ginger fruit cake and a whiff of peat-smoke. Somewhat nose-drying in effect.


A sweet and distinctly salty taste, with herbal notes and a warming, lightly smoky finish, after a chilli-pepper kick as you swallow. Becomes more leathery with a dash of water; still some cereal/cake notes, and after a while sweet seaweed. A soft mouthfeel and a sweet and salty taste. Both smoke and chilli are reduced, but still apparent.


Lingering salt, smoke and spice in the aftertaste.

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