SMWS 25.65 The whispered kiss

Rosebank 22 Years Old 1991 25.65 The whispered kiss (50%, SMWS, Refill Bourbon Barrel, 220 Bottles, 2014)

  • Lowland single malt scotch whisky
  • 50% ABV, £374.99
  • Score: 90/100


What they say:

Cask No. 25.65

A whispered kiss from a ghost. Delicate peach skin and apple blossom. Honey glaze on dainty cinnamon pastries. Murky perfume departments. Childhood memories evoked by tinned peaches, talcum powder, citronella candle. A gentle earthy warmth hovered while silky fruit syrup lingered.

Date Distilled:  1 July 1991   Age: 22 years  Cask Type: Refill ex-bourbon barrel  Whisky Region: Lowland

220 bottles


What I say:

Dram #3 presented at the Edinburgh Whisky Blog’s Movember fund-raiser event hosted at Ruffians Barber Shop in Edinburgh. This time it was something special, a closed distillery bottled by the SMWS. If I wasn’t mistaken there was a hint of Annabel’s (twitter @TheWhiskyBelle) hand in this one, though Tiger firmly suggested laying blame with Simeon for the rather interesting names the SMWS tasting panel come up with. Distilled in 1991, months before Rosebank (SMWS distillery #25) was closed for good, this expression has spent 22 years maturing in an ex-bourbon cask in the secret vaults of the SMWS before bottling in February 2013. Providing an increasingly rare opportunity for us to sample this distillery.


Amber gold


Waxy, furniture polish and polished wood, fruity, apple, tinned pears and peaches, ginger, pineapple cube sweeties, new paint smell, fresh linen, cereal barley and honey sweetness


Fruity tinned pears and tinned peaches, apple and orange, polished wood, old wardrobes or old flooring, floral blossom and sandalwood, some gentle spiced cinnamon, pineapple fudge – sort of citrus and sweet but not so integrated


Long, delicate, toffee oak, beeswax polish and resinous wood, some mustiness


An unusual dram, not to everyone’s taste. I liked this one as it displayed its age well with a much more polished oak wood and musty notes (over the brightness of the Glenlivet). Having only previously sampled one other Rosebank expression (of identical age and vintage) Rosebank 22 Years Old 1991 Single Cask #271 ~ 55.2% (Mackillop’s Choice) it is hard to discuss too much about distillery character and cask influence. Needless to say everyone gave this one the respect it deserved and enjoyed a little taste of history if nothing else. I was pleasantly surprised to find some interesting flavours and aroma’s, but also to find similar sweet and floral elements in this as I had in the previous Rosebank I had sampled.

Don’t take my word for it:





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