Glenglassaugh 5 Years Old 2009 Red Oktober

Glenglassaugh 5 Years Old 2009 – Red Oktober Octave Cask #SC115 (48.1%, Port Sgioba, Octave Cask #SC115, 2014)

  • Highland single malt scotch whisky
  • 48.1% ABV
  • Score: 85/100


What they say:

Distilled at Glenglassaugh distillery 8th December 2009 and matured for over 5 years in an Octave cask before bottling at 48.1% on 16th December 2014 for Port Sgioba


What I say:

One of the joys of attending the Jolly Toper tastings (on the rare chances I get) is meeting up with other whisky gentry, aficionado’s and reprobates, etc. Over a small number of tastings encounters I grew to know several of the cask share group ‘Friends over a hogshead’ who bottle their casks under the Port Sgioba label. Their latest was this 5 year old Glenglassaugh Octave bottled a matter of hours before JT’s big Christmas 2014 tasting and so I was furnished with a healthy sample by Neil to enjoy, and with which I formed tasting notes and this review.


Refractive Chardonnay or Champagne gold (6/20), medium droplet tears with fine trails


On the nose there is an unusual and beguiling mix of floral lilacs and lavender (French Whore’s Perfume), a little modelling glue (cyanoacrylate), crisp green apples and hazelnuts, there is a milky and lactic aroma, a little spicy with white pepper and hints of new make spirit, gristy cereal barley, and sweet blossom honey with a little musty dunnage warehouse


Fruity crisp green apples (with crab apple or under-ripe notes), peaches and pears, cereal barley grist, sweet caramel and butterscotch fudge, woody oak with hints of balsa wood, oily and mouthcoating with spicy black and cayenne pepper, almonds and marzipan


Drying, spicy peppery oak wood becoming mouthwatering and a little fizzy (sherbet)


Interesting was the resounding response from those who sampled it. Obviously youthful, though it doesn’t really get unruly until the finish. Given a little time in the glass to breathe some of the spirity/solventy nature dissipates and leaves behind a crisp and refreshing dram full of orchard fruits with delicate cereal and wood derived notes and a little bit of a spicy kick at the end that gives a feeling of a much higher ABV than quoted.

Many thanks to Neil for the sample

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